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My Parent's Graduation Pictures

A couple of early pix of me circa 1963

My Family circa 06-17-63

My Bradley Grandparents and I in 1963

Me and my backyard pool 1963

Me in 1965

My sister Kelly and I in 1968 and 1974

The last picture taken of my Dad, taken 08-20-1978

This picture was taken at Thanksgiving 1979 ( Mom hated my smoking. Can you tell?)

My Family in 1983 and in 1988

These pictures were taken at my Sister Kelly's Wedding in 9-89


My sister and her children T.J. and Amber

This picture was taken when Anne Rice was here signing copies of Servant of TheBones

This picture of Mom and myself was taken 10-03-98

This is the most recent picture of me It was taken Halloween night